The Elevator Bridle & Saddle Co. is delighted to be sponsoring Jemma Bentley and her exciting dressage prospect, Florian B.

Warwickshire based Jemma, who enjoyed a very successful dressage career in both Junior and Young Riders as well as being placed in both Novice and Elementary regionals, is thrilled with Florian’s Elevator dressage saddle and bridle. Trained by Michael Eilberg, and with several recent Medium wins under their belts - on their first attempt no less - the results are fast speaking for themselves.

“People speak of ‘eureka moments’ and I can honestly say that the Elevator dressage saddle and elastic girth have delivered this with Florian. I have used Elevator bridles for many years and love them but only recently had the opportunity to ride in the dressage saddle, which quite frankly has brought with it an amazing transformation in Florian,” says Jemma of her talented nine-year old Trakehner gelding whom she bought as an unbroken five year-old and has been training throughout the winter.

“Florian has always had quite a spooky personality and this has meant that I have had to bring him on slowly. I had an underlying feeling that he could do much better and he felt rather tight, almost blocked, which concerned me. Occasionally, he would have real bucking outbursts. We had all sorts of scans and veterinary checks, which revealed only slight tightness of muscle which was worked on by physiotherapist, Halina Tombs,” explains Jemma.

Although improved, Jemma and her trainer, Michael Eilberg, still felt Florian had so much more to give especially when it came to his lateral and medium paces.

“He would lose energy and impulsion in his lateral work, and was not keen on going forward,” says Jemma who decided to get his saddle checked by her good friend Lorraine Green of HorseSense Saddlers and the Elevator Bridle & Saddle Co.

It was SMS saddle-fitter and Elevator designer, Lorraine, who was quick to notice that ‘quirky’ actually translated into ‘sensitive’, drawing on experiences from her own sensitive chestnut mare, Elevator whom her saddlery business is named after. Lorraine loaned Jemma one of her Elevator dressage saddles and was confident this would help. She was right and it was a very special moment for Jemma, Lorraine and of course, Florian.

“We both immediately fell in love with the Elevator dressage saddle, and using the Elevator elasticated girth has really made a difference too,” says Jemma. “All of sudden, I found Florian lose that tenseness and his behaviour changed dramatically. He is now consistently better and willingly moves forwards with noticeable improvements in his lateral and shoulder-in work. The saddle itself is so comfortable, soft and light. I am eternally grateful to Lorraine and Elevator for their interest and support. Both Florian and me can relax, and enjoy our competitions now!”

Speaking on behalf of Elevator, Lorraine Green says, “We, too, are delighted to be supporting Jemma and her lovely talented Florian, who is impressing judges. We have always believed in them both and strongly feel this partnership is ‘one to watch’ for the future. The Elevator dressage saddle is meticulously designed to allow horses the opportunity to be the best they can with a rider on their back - and is proving this once more in the case of Jemma and Florian.”

Jemma now has her sights firmly set on qualifying for the Regionals and wearing tailcoats in the not too distant future!