Alison wrote to us after purchasing an Elevator Bridle last summer.

She was sceptical at first that it would make that much difference to her horse, Shared Interest. He is a 16hh TB x Welsh Sec D Gelding, who regularly competes in dressage.

He is a nervous horse and as soon as he is scared, his head is straight up and so he loses all concentration, which is not ideal for a dressage test.

She found, however, that once in an Elevator he was a different horse from the word go – his head was low, his neck was loose and he was immediately working through his topline.

Alison says, “Before, I would struggle to maintain his outline in the arena, whereas now I school with next to no contact and he is constantly alert and concentrating. I now have a much fitter, happier horse, who is no longer dangerous to hack out. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful bridle”.