"I first saw your Elevator bridle at the Dressage National Championships 2003. I was not looking for a bridle for my horse but was drawn to your stand when I saw this different bridle hanging up, and you gave me a detailed explanation of the bridle, showing how much pressure a normal bridle exerts on the poll and how much less the Elevator bridle exerts.

Even though I certainly did not relish going home and explaining to my partner why I had bought yet another bridle for my beloved horse, I had to have one! My initial thought was that even if he didn't become softer in the bridle it would relieve some pressure.

The first ever time my horse wore his new Elevator bridle he became softer and much more willing to accept my aids to the bit. This was a huge breakthrough in his training, as until now I had tried different bits, training aids, nosebands, even reins, when as it turned out all I needed was the Elevator bridle.

Since owning this bridle I have sold all 3 of his old bridles including a brand new one, as this is the only one I will ever use from now on. A new training aid or a new bit may work for the first few times, but after a while they tend to stop working and you try something else, but the Elevator bridle has worked every time I have used it.

Thank you from Pepsy my 15.3hh cob gelding and myself."