Having battled with roundness, suppleness and softness at the poll since I bought Squidge in May 2002, I was beginning to despair that I would ever make the improvements I was seeking. I had heard some good reports about the new Elevator bridle and took the opportunity to have a closer look while at the Winter Championships in April this year. I was still not convinced, especially as I had recently invested in a competitor to the Elevator with seemingly little improvement.I battled on with my schooling with little or no improvement and even considered selling Squidge. Eventually I decided that the Elevator was worth a try and considered the further investment worth the risk.We train with David Trott and Mike Garman and at last we were making progress. I was very pleased with the improvements that the Elevator appeared to be making in Squidge's way of going, but it was not until a couple of weeks ago after a lesson with David that I realised the value of the Elevator bridle.Squidge was being particularly difficult during our lesson ... his unforgiving Arab nature coming through! At the time I thought "here we go again - the improvements were too good to be true". However when I got back to the yard I realised that in a rush I had mistakenly put Squidge in his old bridle instead of his Elevator! I have since made sure that I do not make this mistake again and the improvements have begun to become established. Squidge and I became Reserve Open Champions 2003 at the Wing Dressage Summer Championship Show under Maureen Newell and Joyce Head, only losing out in the Championship on our collectives! This achievement is small in comparison to some but it is a big step for us. I do believe that I can attribute a good proportion of our success to the Elevator.