My name is Jane Brook.

I was always obsessed with horses and started riding when I was 8 years old.  My cousin said it was another fad and she would give it 6 weeks and here we are 56 years later!  When I was 15 I rode show ponies for Mrs Mason who lived at Binton nr Stratford on Avon and my first big success was winning the show pony pairs at Royal Windsor in 1967.

Showing has always been my passion because I love beautiful horses.  I spent 27 years at Andrea Boyle’s yard with a succession of small hunters and riding horses.  I first qualified for HOYS in 1976 with a small hunter, a huge ambition realised. 

My most successful show horse was my Small Riding Horse Taliesyn Talisman (Arthur) who qualified for HOYS 4 times, was placed at the Royal International and was Amateur Owner National Champion at the BSHA National Championships in 2003.  He is 22 this year, retired but still has the X Factor and is ‘Simply the Best’   He was followed by Summerstory ( Freddie) who won the Home Produced Small Riding Horse at the BSHA Champs on 2 occasions.  I then concentrated more on dressage with Freddie but sadly he has suffered from a number of soundness issues and my friends have persuaded me to return to my roots and buy myself a show horse before I get too old! 

I had seen photographs on Facebook during the season of a lovely small hunter and he came up for sale at the end of the season.  I took the plunge and am now the proud owner of A Lanson (Eric) He has got a great showing record so I’m really looking forward to competing at the big shows this season, having fun and hopefully achieving my lifetime ambition of being placed at HOYS.

How old were you when you started riding? 8

What was the name of the first horse you ever rode? Merrylegs

Who has been your inspiration? Jo Bates I really admire the fact she competes successfully at both showing and dressage.  Her horses always go to perfection

When was the last time you fell off? 2009

What is the one horsey item you could not live without? A nit comb!  Invaluable for quarter marks

What is the best piece of advice you have been given by a fellow horseman/woman? Get in there and ride to within an inch of your bleeping life! Jo’s advice when I completed at HOYS

If you could ride any horse in the world, who would it be? The 2008 Show Hunter of the Year, Finn McCool

Black or brown tack? Brown.

If you could ride at any venue in the world, where would it be? The main arena at Hickstead.

Do you have any horsey superstitions, (odd socks, at competitions etc)? I like to see a pair of magpies on the way to the show.