"Joey was bought as an 18th birthday present for me at Easter 2003. Being a typical Welsh cob cross, he was slightly stubborn when it came to schooling and this was affecting our dressage results. His head carriage was inconsistent and he would happily swing it from side to side when coming down the centre line !

I had heard from a number of people who were using an Elevator bridle how amazed they were with the effects it had on their horses, and that they really recommended them. Having to buy a new bridle anyway, I thought it would be worth a try and I had not a lot to lose, but was not entirely convinced that a different bridle would sort out our problems.

After only having the bridle on for 10 minutes Joey instantly became a pleasure to ride. He worked into the bridle and in a super outline, his head carriage was so much more consistent and his paces much more open and relaxed.

We are now earning at least 10% more on our dressage tests and our centre lines are much, much better ! I am without doubt that this is thanks to the Elevator bridle, and I would never have believed that it could make such a huge difference.

Thank you Horsesense - from a very happy Lucy (& Joey) !"