Lorraine GreenElevator’s founder and managing director has featured in the December 2014 issue of Horse & Rider Magazine.  Lorraine Taylor-Green was invited on the Horse & Rider ‘panel of experts’ to give advice to a reader who had written in with a question about comfort bridles? 

“My new horse’s headpiece really seems to dig into the back of his ears. I’m going to buy him a new bridle, so can you recommend any designs that avoid putting pressure on this sensitive area?

Lorraine, being the creator and designer of the very first comfort bridle with the distinctive padded headpiece (this being the original, world famous Elevator Comfort Bridle) was of course the ideal person to ask such advice!  She replies:

“The design of the headpiece should be shaped away from the base of the horse’s ears and also padded across the sensitive poll area to improve his comfort in the bridle, and to reduce the chance of pinching or pressure points. Also, if the thinner strap of the noseband is placed across the top of the headpiece (instead of underneath) this will distribute any pressure over a larger surface area.

When choosing any bridle, it is important to ensure it fits correctly. Even with the right design, if the

headpiece is too small, it could cause small pressure points at the base of your horse’s ears. If you need a larger headpiece but the rest of the bridle is fine, then you should change it! Don’t put up with anything less than perfection, because the bridle is one of the main methods of communication with your horse.”

Lorraine goes on to explain, “The fit of the browband is also often overlooked.  You should be able to fit a good finger’s width between the browband and the forehead all the way around. If the browband is too tight, it may pull the headpiece forwards during exercise, causing it to dig into the base of the ears.” 

With bridles, and any saddlery for that matter, it is not just about the fit.  Lorraine says, “The quality of the leather should also be considered. Only the finest quality should be used with the softest padding. Not only will this improve the comfort of the bridle for your horses, but if cared for

correctly, it will last for many years. Pre-oiled leather is considered the best because it stays supple and just needs cleaning and conditioning with no additional oiling necessary.”

Lorraine and her team at The Elevator Bridle & Saddle Co. Ltd are available to help with bridle and saddle-fitting advice.  Lorraine is a Society of Master Saddlers' Qualified Saddle Fitter.

As featured in Horse & Rider magazine, December 2014.