"Well, well, well ! I am seriously impressed with the Elevator bridle that I bought for my little Morgan horse Dogwood's The Cavalier. He is a highly sensitive (but brilliant !!!) horse who is successfully working his way up the dressage ladder after a few years of quite serious psychological problems.

I have had this little chap for 4 years and we have worked our way through most of the tack shops in the South East in an attempt to find a bridle that he is able to accept comfortably.

Following our discussion on the phone the other week I felt that if there was an option that would make life more comfortable for him, I owed it to him to consider it and decided to give the Elevator bridle a try - I am so amazed at how Cavalier's attitude has changed in his work.

He was working well in his original bridle, but he is now totally consistent in his outline and more willing to take the contact forward into the bridle. He won an open Riding Horse class yesterday and as I reached for his double bridle when tacking him up for the ring, I changed my mind and showed him in his Elevator - he was fantastic !!!

The judge's comment was that he gave her the 'ride of a lifetime' ! I would like to add that the bridle is wonderful quality, beautiful leather, and your service & advice have been second to none. Many Thanks."