"My 16 year old daughter Katy is on the Junior National Squad with her 16yo mare Glamour II (Dolly).When we bought her 2 years ago we found that although her paces were very correct she lacked sparkle and her work was flat, which led to early scores at FEI level of 57%. We tried various bits and saddles and it was only when we saw a demo of the Elevator bridle that things really started to change. She has always had a dry mouth and some resistance to the hand and had scores of 5 for submission."

"However within 1 week of her wearing the Elevator bridle we were looking at scores of 64%, absolutely amazing, there was no change of bits or saddle and certainly the jockey was the same, but she was impressively less resistant, her paces were elevated and energetic and their submission marks went up to 6’s & 7's. They were placed at the National Winter Championships 2004, won 4 Gold medals at the Under 21’s Championships in 2003 (including the Junior Championship), the Graeme Trinder Trophy for most points gained at the Championship and was voted Rider of the Year at Dressage Under 21’s UK 2004."

"They have already qualified at Advanced Medium and Advanced Medium Freestyle 2004, and achieve regular scores in the 70’s for their freestyle. Thanks to your system Katy has now earned her place on the National Squad and competes in her first two International European Qualifiers in April 2004. If anyone ever doubts that one piece of tack can change a horse’s way of going, they should think again and try an Elevator bridle !!"