"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your bridle. Having only seen photos I was quite dubious about whether it was worth investing in ... that was until it arrived (24 hrs after my order, which was also really impressive!).

It is a beautiful bridle which has received a lot of attention from my fellow livery owners and yard staff alike. My mare is not a serious competition horse, more a much loved pet, but she is obviously much more comfortable with the Elevator than her old bridle.

My physio did a routine check on her two days after the Elevator arrived and I specifically asked him to look at the poll area. She was quite sore and he said it was probably due to my old bridle.

Since then both of my instructors have commented on how much more settled she is in her head carriage. Alas, it hasn't given me a Grand Prix prospect, but it has given me a happier horse and I will not put her old bridle back on again. Thank you."