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Measurement Picture






The below measurement should be taken from a fitted bridle:


Headpiece - measure split to split.

(i.e. from the split into 2 straps (throat lash and bit billet), over the poll to the split the other side. The split should be where the browband sits, if your brow is positioned higher or lower than the split when fitted on your horse, measure from the brow over the poll to the brow on the other side).

Brow band - measure across the width of the brow not including the loops at either end.

Cheek pieces - measure from the tip of the buckle to the end when fastened round a bit.

Front of nose - measure across the front of the nose band between the nose headpiece straps on either side.

Circumference of nose - measure the total circumference of the nose band on the inside when fastened on the usual hole.


Bit overhead to bit – measure from where the cheek piece attaches to the bit ring, over the top of the head to the bit ring on the other side.


Height and Breed / Type of horse.


If you don’t have a bridle to measure, please take the following measurements from your horse’s head:


Over the poll – measure from the base of your horse’s ear over the poll to the bottom of the other ear ( in line with where a browband would sit)


Brow – measure underneath your horse’s ear (level with the back of the ear) across the front of the head to the back of the ear the other side.


Front of Nose – Measure from the prominent point at the bottom of your horse’s cheekbone across the front of the nose to the cheek bone the other side.


Circumference of Nose – Measure the circumference of your horse’s nose just below the cheek bones.


Bit overhead to Bit – measure from the corner of your horse’s lip over the poll to the corner of the lip the other side.  If you know the style of bit you will be using please let us know or alternatively measure the length of your bit’s cheek / ring.


Height and Breed / Type of horse.


Please advise if your measurements have been taken from a bridle and if that bridle fits correctly or have been taken directly from your horse’s head.