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Elevator – Designed with Compassion, Suggested by a Horse

Many say that the simple ideas are the best ideas, and this core philosophy has really been the foundation of the exceptional success that Elevator enjoys the world over today.

Elevator started with the revolutionary bridle designed by Lorraine Green – the original comfort bridle that has gone on to set the standard for many bridle designs today. Elevator has since evolved to include a range of exceptionally high quality, innovatively designed products making it one of the most ‘aspirational’ equestrian brands for both professional and recreational riders.


For the Love of Elevator ….

The Elevator Performance Bridle was born out of inspiration by Lorraine’s chestnut mare ‘Elevator’. Lorraine, a SMS saddle-fitter and has ridden all her life and successfully competed in affiliated show jumping, eventing and dressage. It was while competing in dressage, that Lorraine started experiencing problems with her beloved – and very sensitive –chestnut friend. She sought advice from respected trainers, vets, dentists and chiropractors, none of whom could find anything physically wrong with Elevator.

Coming to the conclusion that Elevator was trying to tell her something, Lorraine was determined to establish the root cause of some of her behavioural issues. It was a thought-provoking statement made by Kyra Kyrkland who said “A horse can feel a fly so why do we need so much kit to control him?”

This was a turning point for Lorraine and she started to ride Elevator in a simple padded headcollar. While of course not being perfect, the improvements were noticeable. This set Lorraine on a path of discovery as she researched in greater depth the associated physiology. It soon became apparent just how sensitive the poll area (otherwise known as the nerve centre) is on a horse.

Development of the Elevator Performance Bridle …

Following considerable trials and development, Lorraine designed a bridle that provided the ultimate in comfort to the horse to alleviate pressure behind the ears and to the sensitive poll area. While the bridle design was of course imperative, Lorraine also realised that the softest, most comfortable of leathers was required. She set about sourcing the finest quality English leather that would be sumptuously soft for the horse’s comfort, yet durable for a long lifespan.

This marked the start of the first ever Elevator Performance Bridle handcrafted as it is in its present form today using the softest, best quality English leather by skilled British craftsmen. In fact, such is the durability of the leather, Lorraine still uses her original Elevator bridle on a daily basis which remains lovely and soft, thanks to the divine smelling Elevator bridle cleaner.

The Elevator ‘comfort’ bridle, designed to give control with just the lightest touch, soon became a talking point for many leading equestrian professionals across all disciplines from which the words “amazing”, “a complete transformation” and “the best investment I’ve ever made” have since become synonymous. The rest, as they say “is history”!

Elevator today, so much more than just a Bridle!

The Elevator Bridle & Saddle Co Ltd offers an entire collection of premium quality equestrian products ranging from the amazing symmetrical dressage saddle to sumptuously soft headcollars, girths, reins and beautifully crafted leatherwork. Elevator also offers a bespoke design service to guarantee you stand out from the crowd.